Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Think free range means cruelty free? Think again...

You know how free range is a little more expensive than normal meat? Do you pay that extra few dollars thinking it means an easier life for the animal? Time to think again maybe. Hillside Animal Sanctuary in the UK, gave Sky News undercover footage of their investigation into Hall Farm in Norfolk, a duck rearing business that supplies upmarket Waitrose stores. The video below shows workers picking the ducks up by the neck and swinging them back into the flock. The animals are genetically geared toward heavy birds, so the consumer gets more bang for their buck but this means they cannot fly, so being thrown is going to cause them massive injuries.
The video also shows sick and dead and birds with the main flock, as well as birds that had been removed from the others but not properly disposed of. Yummy.
If you want to make sure that an animal on your plate doesn't suffer, don't assume that these big companies care about your conscience. They just want your money. The only way to stop animal suffering is to stop eating meat. End of story.

WARNING: The video shows images of animal abuse and may cause you to become vegan.

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  1. I am not understanding how these farms find the people to work there. Are the employees so mean and heartless that they can be abusive. Who are these people that can sleep at night and go back again the next day and torture some more animals.