Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kiss Me I'm Vegan - Farm to Fridge project

Earlier this week, Mercy for Animals released the following video highlighting the atrocities carried out to animals in the mass production of food. Only 12 minutes long, the video is hard hitting but if you eat any animal products you should be watching it to find out what happens to food stock animals before they show up on your plate.

The lovely Lindsay Wolf of Kiss Me, I'm Vegan has launched the Farm to Fridge Project to ensure the video gets to as wide an audience as possible. Here's what she has to say.
"What is the Farm to Fridge Project? Well, I'll be sharing "Farm to Fridge" on my facebook wall for seven days, and each day, I will remind everyone out there that if they choose to watch it and feel helpless afterward, I can help. This is my pledge, and it's the least I can do for these innocent, sensitive, and needlessly abused animals."
She is asking anyone who shares her compassion for the animals to follow in her footsteps and put the video on their own Facebook wall. Easy peasy no? And as Lindsay says, if one person changes their lifestyle then it will be well worth it.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Are you ready for some new Daiya?

I heard a little rumor over the weekend that Daiya was to introduce a new Pepper jack flavor to their line of vegan 'cheese' awesomeness, so I emailed them to find out if this was true! The lovely Shnane Liem mailed me back and said...
"The rumors are true! We are excited to announce that we will be adding a Pepperjack flavor to the Daiya line, which will available in mid-March."
Hurray for Daiya!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Think free range means cruelty free? Think again...

You know how free range is a little more expensive than normal meat? Do you pay that extra few dollars thinking it means an easier life for the animal? Time to think again maybe. Hillside Animal Sanctuary in the UK, gave Sky News undercover footage of their investigation into Hall Farm in Norfolk, a duck rearing business that supplies upmarket Waitrose stores. The video below shows workers picking the ducks up by the neck and swinging them back into the flock. The animals are genetically geared toward heavy birds, so the consumer gets more bang for their buck but this means they cannot fly, so being thrown is going to cause them massive injuries.
The video also shows sick and dead and birds with the main flock, as well as birds that had been removed from the others but not properly disposed of. Yummy.
If you want to make sure that an animal on your plate doesn't suffer, don't assume that these big companies care about your conscience. They just want your money. The only way to stop animal suffering is to stop eating meat. End of story.

WARNING: The video shows images of animal abuse and may cause you to become vegan.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Anyone want a vegan pen-pal?

Earlier this week I came across an awesome website called L.O.V.E (Living Opposed to Violence and Exploitation), who have set up a vegan pen pal sign-up. Genius! They say...

Vegan Pen Pals are located around the globe and engage in various activities in their towns and cities, including potlucks, leafleting events, demonstrations, shopping excursions, film screenings, book clubs, restaurant outings, and more.   There are no restrictions on who can be a vegan pen pal: aspiring vegans or long-time plant-eaters; old or young; cisgender or transgender; shy or outgoing; queer or straight; tall or short; bookworms; bike-riders; chefs; dancers; musicians; and covering the spectrum of genders and abilities.  We only ask that you commit to one letter per month (but more, of course, is encouraged).
I think it's a great idea (can't you tell!) and in case you worried about giving out your address to strangers, all the letters go through a central PO Box, so your pen pal doesn't need to know where you live. All it takes is a quick sign up here and you're good to go. You never know, you might even get me as a pen pal!

Mixed feelings about Oprah's 7 day Vegan Challenge

I finally got to watch the show, and wrote up my thoughts for This Dish is Veg (published today)
You can read the full article here.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Oprah’s 7 day vegan challenge

Courtesy of Harpo Print LLC

In her show today, Oprah Winfrey goes vegan for 7 days, and challenges all her staff to do the same. Inspired by Kathy Freston and her new book Veganist: Lose Weight, Get Healthy, Change the World, the show will also show viewers the inside of a beef production plant. Winfrey’s show is an important step towards veganism becoming more mainstream and is sure to send Freston’s book to the top of the bestseller lists.
To see the trailer and for details on where and when you can see the show in your area, follow this link!