Friday, February 4, 2011

Anyone want a vegan pen-pal?

Earlier this week I came across an awesome website called L.O.V.E (Living Opposed to Violence and Exploitation), who have set up a vegan pen pal sign-up. Genius! They say...

Vegan Pen Pals are located around the globe and engage in various activities in their towns and cities, including potlucks, leafleting events, demonstrations, shopping excursions, film screenings, book clubs, restaurant outings, and more.   There are no restrictions on who can be a vegan pen pal: aspiring vegans or long-time plant-eaters; old or young; cisgender or transgender; shy or outgoing; queer or straight; tall or short; bookworms; bike-riders; chefs; dancers; musicians; and covering the spectrum of genders and abilities.  We only ask that you commit to one letter per month (but more, of course, is encouraged).
I think it's a great idea (can't you tell!) and in case you worried about giving out your address to strangers, all the letters go through a central PO Box, so your pen pal doesn't need to know where you live. All it takes is a quick sign up here and you're good to go. You never know, you might even get me as a pen pal!


  1. Ohhhh snap! I just signed up for this! SO excited

  2. I am with Support Vegans in the Prison System and I have someone who went vegan while in prison and doesn't know any vegans on the outside. Do you think this might be a possibility for him?

  3. Me too Liz!
    Dallas, I would get in touch with the people that run Vegan Pen Pals at the link above and ask them - I'm sure it's possible, and if not, maybe you could set up a service like that with your support group?