Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mofo Day 4! D is for...

Daiya... I was so excited when I found out Daiya 'cheese' had arrived in our local shops, that I phoned the store and asked them to put some aside to make sure I got some! It is by far the best and most versatile vegan cheese substitute that I have tried (although I haven't tried them all I admit), and most importantly in this house, it passed the hubby test. My gorgeous husband is a non-vegan and what is always the most important when I cook anything is that the whole family likes it. If one person hates it then it doesn't usually get made again. I had tried other vegan cheese, and when he ate a piece he made 'that face'. You know the one? the one that looks like someone just chewed a wasp? I get it from my 6 year old too lol.
So, he likes the Daiya, my wee one likes the Daiya, and I'm a happy momma.
I use it anywhere that someone would use regular cheese, and it works pretty well most of the time. It doesn't brown I find, but it does melt and stretch and all that good stuff. Here's a recipe that I wrote up a little while ago that uses it.

If you haven't tried it before, check our their website and try and get hold of some.

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  1. I wasn't so sure about Daiya the first few times I tried it, but it's really growing on me. My little ones, though, won't touch the stuff! :-( Kudos to your kiddo for loving vegan cheese!