Monday, November 1, 2010

First Vegan MoFo Post! A is for...

How can I live in Michigan and not dedicate the Letter A to the humble apple? Raw, baked, steamed, under a pie crust or crumble topping, apples are delicious. For todays post, I'm just going to subject you to some vegan food porn... the mouth watering pic below is of Zel Allen's (Vegetarian Paradise) Apples n' cream pie which I tested for her not long ago. With a nutty pie crust, slightly crunchy apples with moist raisins, topped with a tofu 'cream', it was a huge hit and will be made again very soon.
I can't divulge the recipe, as its not mine to give, but when the cookbook comes out, go rush and buy it! Meanwhile, just dribble over the pic...


  1. That looks DELICIOUS!

  2. I grew up in Michigan and apples are one of my favorite fruits! I miss picking them off the trees too. Love your pie pic.

  3. That looks DELICIOUS!
    Happy MoFo'ing.

  4. What a great way to start blogging your way through the vegan alphabet! Looks delicious!