Friday, April 15, 2011

Missouri voters - the puppy mill dogs need your help again!

Just five months ago the good people of Missouri voted to reform legislation regarding puppy mills. The 'Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act' ( PMCPA aka Prop B) was voted in to ensure that dogs who spend their entire lives in these large scale breeding facilities would receive basic, humane care. We're not talking velvet cushions or gilt cages here, we're talking adequate amounts of food and water, temperature control, shelter from the elements, regular veterinary checks, and female dogs getting a resting period between breeding cycles. Reasonable, compassionate legislation wouldn't you think? Apparently not according to the Missouri House of Representatives, who this week voted to scrap the act and are therefore going against the will of the general public of their state.
It pisses me off so much, that something that took literally decades of lobbying by animal welfare groups, was voted in by the people, and that hasn't even come into effect yet, has been kicked to the curb. The fate of these poor dogs, now lies in the hands of ONE man - Governor Jay Nixon. This is where the voters of Missouri can do their bit once more. 
If you live in Missouri, please contact Governor Nixon, and very nicely ask him to veto SB113. If you don't live in Missouri, but know someone who does, please tell them what's going on and ask them if they would help. And if you don't think the live of a puppy mill dog is a bad one, then check out some of the investigations that the ASPCA has carried out and we'll see if you change your mind.

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