Friday, October 8, 2010

UK Food Standards Agency calls for cameras to be installed in slaughterhouses

Once again, a distressing undercover video has been released, documenting the cruel and unnecessary violence that animals destined for slaughter as subjected to.
The video, taken from secretly installed cameras at seven slaughter houses in the United Kingdom, has been released by Animal Aid and shows graphic scenes of animals being beaten, kicked and stunned inappropriately.
Sadly, as the cameras were installed 'unlawfully' it is unlikely there will be any prosecution, however Tim Smith, chief executive of the Food Standards Agency (FSA) has backed a move to install cameras in all abattoirs across England saying, "We looked at the cost [of installing CCTV], and it didn't seem to us to be disproportionate, compared to the reassurance that the customer of that plant might get. If I was a major retailer in this country and thinking what I was going to give my customers that … the best animal welfare standards were being used, then I would be putting [CCTV installation] in the specification for meat procurement."

You can see the video at the Guardian's website here.

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