Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why vegan?

I gave up meat because there's no doubt that there can be cruelty involved with its production. But for the longest time I still used dairy products because I bought into the whole 'cows grazing in a pasture' scenario. Scenes like that are so few and far between anymore. Animals are a commodity, mass produced units that enable people to make money, and very sadly they are treated disgustingly.
This undercover video shows common occurrences at Conklin Dairy Farm in Ohio. I've watched many, many videos like this since I became a vegan because I feel it's important for people to know where their food comes from and what happened to it before it reaches their fridge. If people ask me why I became a vegan, it's because I want to look at the food on my plate and be assured that no cruelty was involved.
There are very strong images on this video, please make sure no children are watching.

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  1. Oh God, this is horrible. As bad as the "Meet Your Meat" video at goveg.com. Good argument to go vegan. I can't believe the cruelty...